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An Innate Sense of Joy - 2

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

My first interview is with my friend Kallie Ann Tarkleson. I have known Kallie since freshman year and have always know her to be a very joyful person. I really felt she would make the perfect candidate to start my interviews.


Weston: What is a good artist?

Kallie: An artist who is comfortable in themselves and their creativity. Anyone is a good artist, I don’t think there is any standard for good. Anyone is good if they make art.

Weston: So there is no such thing as a good artist? You are just an artist.

Kallie: Yes.

Weston: Has being an artist affected the way you value yourself or others?

Kallie: Yeah, cause sometimes I think that my level of talent or artistry is equivalent to my self worth.

Weston: How does that affect the way you approach your relationships or working with others?

Kallie: I may get hyper focused on how I’m performing and if I don’t perform well I get really anxious and talk about it for too long and stop to see the whole picture on how others are feeling or performing.

Weston: Is there anything you do to keep yourself grounded?

Kallie: I read, and I play my switch.

Weston: So you try to do other things outside of theatre?

Kallie: Yes. A lot.

Weston: So it needs to be a balance. What brings you back to creating art? Because, we both know that there are moments where this becomes too much and it feels like what is the point of doing something we love when it can make us feel so bad about ourselves. What is that thing about creating that brings you back despite that?

Kallie: Well, I think there is just an innate sense of joy in it. I hate to say when you perform well, you do get a sense of joy. But I also think the reason you keep going and are tired and burnt out, is because there is still a sense of joy that is in the rawness and realness of all of it.

Weston: What would you say to yourself prior to coming to college, knowing what you know after coming to college for this?

Kallie: I would say to be yourself all the time because there are people who are going to like you no matter what and you don’t have to fit in with the people you think you have to fit in with.


Kallie Ann Tarkleson is a New York based actor currently studying at Nazareth College. She will be graduating with her BFA in musical theatre in May of 2023. Kallie focused on the singing dancing and acting elements of her BFA, but she also found her love of vocal coaching and directing during her years at Nazareth. Kallie’s love of musical theatre began in her hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY as she played a singing clown at her local church when she was six years old. Regionally, Kallie has been seen in “Next to Normal” as Natalie and “The Marvelous Wonderettes” as Suzy, and directing “School House Rock, Jr.” alongside theater owner Kyle West. This summer she worked at Cedar Point where she originated the role of Hope Laurent in their Frontier Festival and swung for multiple roles. Currently, she can be seen as the assistant director of “Love’s Labour’s Lost” at Nazareth College alongside Trey Compton. Outside of theatre, you can catch her designing websites (, learning ASL, and taking her Golden puppy named Noodles on his hundredth trip to the dog park of the day.

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