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What is a Good Artist? - 1

Welcome one and all!

I’m Weston Pytel and I’m currently finishing my last semester of school at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. I am earning my B.F.A. in Musical Theatre and am starting these blog posts as a part of my CME Project or “Core Milestone Experience” where I utilize several classes I have taken (both in and outside my major) and generate an enduring question which is something that does not definitively have one answer.

For my project, I have chosen the question: “What makes a good artist?”

Throughout my time at school I have come up against what it means to serve my art but also serve myself as a human being. Going to school for the arts can cause you to burn out, run down, and lose your passion for what you came to study in the first place.

With this project I will be conducting several interviews within my Theatre Department to see how theatre affects our personal lives and different outlooks on what being a “good” artist actually entails.

My hope with this project is to come away with a better understanding of myself, a reignited passion for what I do, and ways I can be sure I don’t lose that passion again.

I am so thankful for everyone who will continue to follow my journey as an artist through these posts!

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